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High Quality Website Translation

Utilizing native speaking translation and copywriting professionals to create multilingual content.
GPI’s global teams of translation, copywriting and SEO professionals will ensure your website content is compelling, culturally correct and findable. A truly comprehensive website localization offering from glossary development to search engine optimization.

Easy Integration

Enterprise-grade connector plugins are easily installed and/or uninstalled with a few clicks.
No complex integrations or costs associated with yet another piece of software. GPI’s Translation Services Connectors install or uninstall in minutes. GPI tests and supports all connectors for free and provides easy prototype projects and pseudo-localizations to make sure your CMS is configured properly to manage multi-language websites.

Manage Multiple Languages Sites

Manage any number of language sites with a few clicks.  
Leveraging your CMS’s out of the box features to support and manage multiple language websites is critical. Not only does GPI’s Translation Services Connector streamline translation workflows, but GPI’s team of website localization specialists will ensure your CMS is correctly deployed to manage your language sites AND your team understands all the language features provided within the CMS.

Workflow (Import/Export)

Simplifies import/export process for content translation workflows.
Cutting and pasting is inefficient and error-prone, GPI’s Translation Services Connectors can enable seamless content export and import workflows to the page level allowing you to select and publish only the content you need translated.

Total Cost of Ownership

All of GPI’s Connectors are installed, tested & supported for FREE as part of providing our website translation services.
You have made a significant investment in your web content management system, do you really need to spend additional money and resources on more software? Other CMS translation connectors charge you and your translation providers monthly and annual license fees, consulting fees and support fees, increasing your total cost of ownership significantly. At GPI we believe you should leverage all of the CMS features for language support and management first, and then use our Translation Services Connectors to optimize your workflows. GPI provides a one stop solution for web content management translation workflows. If you are not 100% satisfied with the connector and our website localization specialists team, then simply uninstall the connector and move on.

Manage Web Content Translation Quotes and Projects

Intuitive dashboard to view status reports, schedules and project task lists. Manage translation quotes and projects easily.
GPI’s Translation Services Connectors seamlessly connect your CMS to our Award Winning Translation Services Portal. Since 2003, GPI’s Translation Services Portal has been a recognized finalist to winning numerous awards ranging from Annual Codie Awards for the Best Enterprise Portal Platform to The International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA) and W3 Awards for design and navigation. The Translation Portal can be fully customized and uniquely branded for clients. See: www.translationportal.com

Professional Code and Security

The GPI Translation Services Connector is a light-weight, web-based application. It integrates seamlessly with several leading Web Content Management Systems (WCMS).
Since each of the supported CMS’s has their own unique development platform, the GPI team developed a code-base which allows our connector application to target each CMS platform. GPI believes strongly in employing software development standards and best practices. By adhering to industry known best practices, we ensure that the GPI Translation Services Connector is optimized for performance, security and a maintainable code-base. We utilize XML and its related technologies for the data persistence. Any content we export / import from a client’s CMS uses XLIFF. XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) is the standard translation format recognized by many Translation CAT tools.
Adhering to industry standard security protocols for web applications, GPI’s Connector and Translation Portal utilizes uniquely generated tokens, strict access privileges, and fine-grained authentication and authorization rules for data security and integrity.
GPI Translation Services connector employs a multi-tenant application architecture. This is a design choice because we required the application to function as a container that includes zero, one, or many customer-specific pluggable components. This approach gives us the ability to securely persist client data separately and launch new customized and client branded portals within minutes.


GPI provides 24/7 support to customers using our Translation Services Connectors.
This support is available to clients at all stages from installation and upgrades, through the automated workflow of exporting and importing content. GPI provides a detailed Quick Start Guide which explains each stage of the translation connector workflow using an easy to follow step-by-step approach.