Translation Services API

The GPI Translation API is a technology agnostic platform which enables companies from around the world to better work with GPI in providing high quality, professional translation services. The new API is capable of working with any type of system regardless of our customers’ technology investments (i.e. Websites, Software, Mobile Applications or Content Management Systems).

By leveraging the GPI Translation API, you can easily integrate your applications directly into GPI’s award winning suite of translation services and tools including our Translation Services Portal. The GPI Translation API provides a flexible solution to manage a client’s translation workflows and makes it easy and secure for users to import and export content (all digital assets) for translation anytime, anywhere.

GPI’s Translation Services API follows REST rules (Representational State Transfer) for platform independent consumption from any device and any programming language. This approach makes it very easy for developers to write and test their applications by just using an HTML client to deal with the GPI Translation API project. GPI Translation Services API RESTful project exposes simple instructions as seen below:

  • GET: Retrieve Items (i.e. list all translation projects or filtered by certain criteria)
  • POST: Add Items (i.e. Add new project, new pages and/or assets)
  • PUT: Update Items (i.e. update a quote note)
  • DELETE: To delete Items (i.e. cancel a quote, remove certain pages or assets)

In order to facilitate integration between GPI’s Translation Services API and a client’s application, comprehensive documentation is available which details each REST method exposed along with different methods variations and parameters in order to make it easy for developers to simply review the GPI Translation Services API Client SDK and consume the API based on their needs. A .Net SDK is currently available and GPI is happy to develop the API for other programming languages as needed. PHP equivalent SDK and a Java SDK can be made available as well.


GPI Translation API Benefits

  • Platform Independent: Application is installed on any device able to consume the service.
  • Secure: Our services makes use of API keys and authorization tokens to enforce security.
  • Flexible: Easy to be used with different translation workflows based on a client’s needs.
  • Clear Communication: Developers can communicate with the GPI API project using any HTML client.
  • Well Documented: Quick start guide and reference material available.
  • Digital Assets: Able to handle standard text-based content and digital assets such as images, etc…

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