Multilingual CMS

Global websites today are enabled by web content management systems (CMS). Most companies author and publish content from a web CMS platform whether using a licensed product or an open source CMS. Our global CMS and website globalization specialists have comprehensive experience deploying a variety of content management systems specifically to support multilingual content and multiple language sites.

GPI’s website localization services can be provided in any number of ways accommodating our clients’ established workflows and resource requirements. We have provided website translation services by:
  • Interfacing directly as authors and editors retrieving content from and inputting translations into a CMS
  • Working with XML or other formats under an export-import workflow for us to localize content and return to you for re-importing into a CMS
  • Easy installation of GPI’s Translation Services Connector between your CMS and our Translation Portal allowing for seamless exports and imports of select content for translation
GPI’s team would be happy to discuss your content management system selection and deployment and can provide guidance on selection, configuration, translation connectors, workflows, and any functionality that will help you serve up multi-language sites globally.


  • Microsoft .NET/SQL Azure, SQL Server, XML
  • JAVA/HSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server

File Formats

  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSON
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • .NET